Editorial Feature | Visit Oakland Inspiration Guide 2018

In case you needed another excuse to explore beloved Oakland… below are a few images of outstanding murals and outdoor activities photographed for the Visit Oakland Inspiration Guide 2018 by Diablo Custom Publications.

Featured Image: Stomper the Elephant by The Illuminaries

Featured Image: Stomper the Elephant by The Illuminaries

Featured Images: Dog walker at Leona Canyon Regional Open Space Reserve and Lake Merritt

Featured Images: Dog walker at Leona Canyon Regional Open Space Reserve and Lake Merritt

Photography Adventures | San Francisco, California

Some nights just don't go as planned...

Upon receiving an invitation to a Pilgramers Creative Connect, I grabbed some fellow photography lovers and booked it to San Francisco on a Friday night in hopes of mingling with other right-brainers. 

Needless to say, there was stand-still traffic crossing the bridge into the city and parking was limited... more limited than anticipated. After circling the block of the Castro based meet-up space four or five times, we finally ventured off and stumbled upon a park painted in golden light.

At this point, my car-full decided to say yes to spontaneity and started making our cameras useful in the inescapable beauty we discovered. As we began to ascend the heights of this appropriately named Buena Vista park, the architectural icons of the city came into epic view...

... hours later, Jenna, Victoria and I finally caught up with the folks from Pilgramers and made our ill-timed introductions. Better late than never, right? Then, we headed back to the East Bay via the Golden Gate and snapped a few fun long exposures along the way.

It's a challenge documenting your own life in moments you don't want to miss right in front of you. However, I'm so grateful I finally brought my "real camera" into the city so I could live this sweet memory again and again.

Unplanned is often unmatchable.

Portrait Photography | Kernersville, North Carolina

I've been fortunate enough to fly back to my hometown in North Carolina several times since my move across the country in 2013.

On my most recent trip back a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to photograph a gorgeous cousin of mine on the rural property where some of my family lives. We couldn't have asked for a better backdrop provided by nature in it's fall colors. 

My cousin, Jordan, is celebrating her upcoming graduation from high school and our entire family is so proud of her and all she's accomplished.

Travel | Los Angeles, California

I've just returned from an unforgettable weekend in Los Angeles, California where I visited two of my greatest friends, Alyssa Barajas and Cara Emory.

Three years and 2,649 miles away from photography school where we all met... here we are now, scattered across California. No one could have ever predicted such a marvelous turn of events.

Our weekend reunion consisted of indulgence in the form of local food and coffee, adventures all over LA county, and the typical movie night in a graveyard. There wasn't a moment that I wasn't full of gratitude for the experience I was a part of, or the kind company surrounding me.

I've decided to share a few of my favorite moments, in the form of iphone photos and videos - along with a list of some notable visits. Click on the image to the left to open my Steller story!