Small Business Spotlight | Free and Well

Free & Well

This is Katelyn, a woman I respect and admire, and the wellness expert behind Free and Well.

A few years ago, Katelyn shared her dream with me to eventually combine her passion for pilates, mental health, and faith into one holistic mission. Since then, doors have opened and Katelyn has been given the freedom to focus on making this dream a reality. Katelyn now instructs pilates from her own studio space and even from a barn (pictured below) where she shares her expertise with her equestrian community. It's been amazing to witness the development of Free and Well and I can't wait to see how it continues to benefit Katelyn and her clients.

Editorial Feature | Diablo Magazine

The July issue of Diablo Magazine was full of exciting assignments, including the magazine's annual 'Best of the East Bay'! Congratulations to the Bedford Gallery, Empire Barbershop, Funkmode, Performing Academy, The Last Word, and the many other local businesses featured! 

Best of the East Bay
Best of the East Bay

...and I can't forget to share these featured images from the Golden State Warriors Parade and the Oakland Zoo! 

Oakland Zoo

Lifestyle Photography | Pleasanton, California

It wasn't long after meeting Andrea Renton that I asked her to model for me. As a fitness enthusiast and triathlete, it was simple to come up with clear direction for a fun concept.

We recently got together to produce some fitness-centered images, all shot locally on a beautiful overcast California day. Enjoy - and be inspired to go out and get physical!