Editorial Feature | 2019 Oxnard Visitors Guide

Humbled to be featured alongside these other creative contributors

Photography often opens doors to unexpected places — like Oxnard, California, a small seaside city nestled between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles brimming with unique local businesses and laid-back people.

I visited Oxnard for the first time a few months ago when I was given the opportunity to photograph 20+ small businesses and local landmarks for Visit Oxnard, many of which I’m grateful to have included in the current Visitors Guide by Destination Creative Group.

Take a look at a few of the featured images below, along with some of my personal favorites, and be sure to acquaint yourself with this delightful destination next time you find yourself on the Southern California coast.

Fresh & Fabulous Cafe

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Travel | Los Angeles, California

I've just returned from an unforgettable weekend in Los Angeles, California where I visited two of my greatest friends, Alyssa Barajas and Cara Emory.

Three years and 2,649 miles away from photography school where we all met... here we are now, scattered across California. No one could have ever predicted such a marvelous turn of events.

Our weekend reunion consisted of indulgence in the form of local food and coffee, adventures all over LA county, and the typical movie night in a graveyard. There wasn't a moment that I wasn't full of gratitude for the experience I was a part of, or the kind company surrounding me.

I've decided to share a few of my favorite moments, in the form of iphone photos and videos - along with a list of some notable visits. Click on the image to the left to open my Steller story!

Travel | Santa Cruz, California

Philip and I recently had the opportunity to spend the weekend in gorgeous Santa Cruz while working at a retreat. It's amazing how many gorgeous cities there are within an hour(ish)-radius of our current home. We are so lucky, but realize we ought to be taking even further advantage of this prime location. After spending time in the woods, at the beach and on the boardwalk, we quickly fell in love with this charming coastal town and can't wait to go back! 

Mission Trip Photography | Bacalar, Mexico

Last week, months of planning and prayer transformed into an experience I will never forget. For the first time (and definitely not the last time...), I left the United States.

With several high school students and leaders in tow, we traveled to a small city on the Yucatan Peninsula, Bacalar, where we became familiar with the people of another church. Our visit mostly consisted of fellowship, food-distribution, facility-improvements and prayer for the local community. 

As all of this took place, the unknown began to unfold and my eyes were exposed to faces, homes and landscapes I had never before seen. It was amazing to see that the love and mercy of Jesus knows no boundaries, and that He cares for the people in this small village in Mexico just as He cares for me. Below, enjoy a small taste of the perspective I gained while encountering this new, refreshing culture...