Editorial Feature | Compass Magazine

Shooting for the East Bay Regional Park District and Regional Parks Foundation is always inspiring work. For the Winter 2018 issue of Compass Magazine, I was introduced to Nancy and Gary Harrington who are dedicated to making our parks even more enjoyable for years to come. Below are images from a morning spent at Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area in Pleasanton where a new interpretive pavilion is being created thanks to the support of Nancy and Gary.

The fact that they're the cutest couple ever is just a bonus.


Editorial Feature | Diablo Magazine

Another opportunity that came with the September issue of Diablo Magazine was the chance to meet and photograph the magazine's new Editor In Chief: Katherine Ann Rowlands at BAMPFA. We meandered though this Downtown Berkeley museum seeking, and quickly finding, interesting colors and textures. I'm really happy with the way these images came out and need more excuses to visit the many local museums here in the East Bay! 

Katherine Ann Rowlands

Portrait Photography | Pleasanton, California

It's officially Summer! No better way to kick-off this sweet season than with a sun-filled shoot.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Miss Kym Hoheisel, a student I've been happily mentoring for nearly two years.

We had a great time chasing the early evening light together and creating portraits that are as radiant as the lady pictured. View and enjoy! 

Self Portrait

No matter what kind of artist you are, it seems like self portraits are never easy. In one image, you are challenged to illustrate who you think you are, somehow conveying parts of your personality within your external appearance. 

Last week, I took on this challenge....mainly as an excuse to play with some new lighting equipment, but also to shamelessly update my various social profiles. :) 

Here's a look at my favorite selection from the shoot. If any of you have feedback on how you go about illustrating yourself across any artistic formats, please comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say!