The Importance of Portraits: Putting a Face to your Brand

I get it, I get it. You're not comfortable in front of the camera. You're an introvert. You don't feel photogenic. You're still hoping to lose a few more lbs. I've heard (and used) every excuse in the book. 

Here's the deal: We all crave connection and authenticity. If you take some time to think about the brands and social media accounts you are drawn to the most -- how many are faceless? Not many, right?

Whether you're a small business owner, an independent contractor (like myself), an artist, a blogger, or one of a many on a dream team... using familiar FACES to communicate to your audience is hugely important and highly effective. Portraits personalize and humanize for a more memorable first impression.

Headshot by Cali Godley

As someone scrolls across your social media feed or website for the first time, every photo is an invitation to come closer and learn more. As I'm sure you've experienced, when you're seriously considering hiring or purchasing from someone online - you click through every image and every page on the site. Expect others to do the same with YOUR page. Not only are they investigating your offerings and comparing you to the competition, but they're looking for anything that sets you apart.

Portraits highlight what makes your business unique... YOU! Many people can provide similar products and services, but no one else can be YOU. 

Headshot by Cali Godley

Here are a few practical next steps for growing your brand through self portraits:

1. Make your face your profile photo on social media accounts, not your logo

2. Add a photo of yourself and brief description on your website ABOUT page

3. Share photos of yourself and content from yourself OFTEN (If you're more than a one-man/one-woman operation, feature the entire team)

4. Update your self portrait with a professional photographer