Web Design | CrossWinds Church

After creating a Squarespace site of my own (as you see here...), I developed an affinity towards simple web design and hoped that I would be able to practice more of it.

Thankfully, it wasn't long until CrossWinds Church had me create a new website for them as a part of my communications position. It was a lot of fun assigning different photographs (many of my own!) to different ministry pages and playing around with colors and fonts that went with the church's brand. I'm hoping that more opportunities to design, particularly for non-profits, will continue to come my way!

Sermon series artwork and logo design: Nuu Church Media

Event Photography | Opening Service at CrossWinds Church

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I moved to California to further pursue making an impact through ministry. We were led to an incredible place, CrossWinds Church in Pleasanton, California, where we both work and serve.

CrossWinds recently celebrated moving into a space that they have been preparing for through prayer, fundraising and construction for over 15 years! The new location is like no other - a property previously owned by dairy farmers surrounded by creeks and fields. Reclaimed barn wood covers the walls and old Freisman Dairy bottle caps adorn the words RESTORE displayed at the Children's Ministry classrooms. It's an amazing place with an even more amazing story.

The first Sunday services took place on May 3rd and I had the opportunity to document the day. See the joy-filled images below!

Mission Trip Photography | Bacalar, Mexico

Last week, months of planning and prayer transformed into an experience I will never forget. For the first time (and definitely not the last time...), I left the United States.

With several high school students and leaders in tow, we traveled to a small city on the Yucatan Peninsula, Bacalar, where we became familiar with the people of another church. Our visit mostly consisted of fellowship, food-distribution, facility-improvements and prayer for the local community. 

As all of this took place, the unknown began to unfold and my eyes were exposed to faces, homes and landscapes I had never before seen. It was amazing to see that the love and mercy of Jesus knows no boundaries, and that He cares for the people in this small village in Mexico just as He cares for me. Below, enjoy a small taste of the perspective I gained while encountering this new, refreshing culture...