Editorial Feature | Diablo Magazine

The August issue of Diablo Magazine presented a creative portrait challenge - capturing the emotion of local students responding to the recent college admissions scandal. I’m grateful for the collaboration and cooperation of these three students, posing with intense facial expressions that accurately represent the frustration described in their quotes.

Take a peek at the featured images below and read the full article in this month’s issue.

So impressed by this illustration by  Noah MacMiller !

So impressed by this illustration by Noah MacMiller!

Admission Impossible
Admission Impossible

Small Business Spotlight | Wooden It Be Nice

Wooden It Be Nice is a small business I’ve hoped to feature since the fruition of this personal project.
Business owner, Bob Maes, is the epitome of a craftsman, forming beautiful and functional furniture and cabinetry with his own hands from his own home. His pride in ownership and attention to detail is evident in every project — thinking creatively and strategically to accommodate unique needs and personal preferences.

Thanks to Wooden It Be Nice for inspiring all kinds of creative folks, myself included, to pursue an attitude of excellence and humble service through our work.

Editorial Feature | 2019 Oxnard Visitors Guide

Humbled to be featured alongside these other creative contributors

Photography often opens doors to unexpected places — like Oxnard, California, a small seaside city nestled between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles brimming with unique local businesses and laid-back people.

I visited Oxnard for the first time a few months ago when I was given the opportunity to photograph 20+ small businesses and local landmarks for Visit Oxnard, many of which I’m grateful to have included in the current Visitors Guide by Destination Creative Group.

Take a look at a few of the featured images below, along with some of my personal favorites, and be sure to acquaint yourself with this delightful destination next time you find yourself on the Southern California coast.

Fresh & Fabulous Cafe

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Multiple photographers featured. See photo credit on far left.

Small Business Spotlight | MAEK Ceramics

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, and mere weeks before this pair exchanges their vows, I’m excited to feature lovebirds and business partners, Michaela Maes and Ryan Shoemaker, also known as MAEK Ceramics.

For nearly two years, Michaela and Ryan have combined creative forces to produce ever-evolving ceramic housewares out of their studio in Clayton, California. Through hard work, long hours, and continual relationship building, MAEK has made their mark and now graces the shelves of many shops, pop-ups, cafes, and homes. Photographing them in action gave me a new appreciation for how much time and focus each piece requires. The process may be as admirable as the final product.

Thanks to Michaela and Ryan for the reminder that good things take time — like mugs, pots, and growing a small business. I look forward to seeing how your lives and your ceramics continue inspiring others as you step into marriage and a new studio in San Diego!