Editorial Feature | Diablo Magazine

Summer 2017 has been a busy, productive season with several exciting assignments - including shoots for the June, July, and August issues of Diablo Magazine! From authors and editorial teams to baseball announcers and rolled-icecream makers, I'm constantly given an opportunity to meet and photograph new and interesting people.

So grateful! 


Diablo Magazine - June 2017
Diablo Magazine - June 2017

Diablo Magazine - July 2017

Diablo Magazine - August 2017
Diablo Magazine - August 2017

Visual Identity | Von Stieff Medical Group

I recently had the privilege to work with local doctor's office, Von Stieff Medical Group, to create images for their website. I was thrilled to see the many ways Roadside Multimedia incorporated the photos into the bright, clean design!

Editorial Feature | Compass Magazine - Regional Parks Foundation

One of my most active shoots yet was running ahead of a hundred happy hikers participating in a Multicultural Wellness Walk back in September. As it often happens at these kinds of events, I ended up learning just as much as the participants... and getting just as much exercise.

I'm grateful to live in a place that honors diversity and respects nature. Photographing this event for Compass Magazine was, quite literally, a breath of fresh air.

A few of my favorite shots from the day outdoors... 

Event Photography | Yelp East Bay

So... this is an Event Photography and Personal life-update post, all-in-one! 

I'm thrilled to now be onboard at Yelp as a Marketing Assistant for the Yelp East Bay community! If you know me well, you know that food and community are dear to my heart and this combined with my interest in marketing propelled me towards this unique step in my career.

At my first Yelp Elite Event, I was given the chance to use my specialization in photography to document the evening and share the images with the Yelpers. Here are a few of the images to give you a peek into this new and exciting venture. Hope to share more with you down the road!