Alt with a Friend - Follow up

Photo via  @amanda_isidro  on Instagram 

Photo via @amanda_isidro on Instagram 

For those of you who read my last blog post or saw tons of 'grams filled with bright yellow last week... all was not done in vain! 

Amanda and I won sponsor-filled goodie boxes AND TICKETS (!!) to Alt Summit - Summer 2015. We are giddy with enjoying our prizes and dreaming of ways to become better bloggers! 

Thanks to everyone who was rooting for us - and thanks ultimately to Alt Summit for their generous giveaway! Crossing our fingers that everything falls into place for June.

Now, let the scrimping and saving for the Alt-Adventure-Fund begin!

Interested in sponsoring the journey and being featured on my blog? Contact me for more information!

Alt with a Friend - Altitude Summit Contest

Two weeks ago, I began participating in a fun social media contest held by @AltSummit. As I love any motivation to get creative as well as network with others who like to get-down-with-their-creative-selves, I jumped in with both feet! One of my best friends: fellow photographer/blogger, Amanda Isidro, and I have been instagramming, tweeting, etc. in order to have a chance of winning TWO tickets to the Alt Summit Summer Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. We are cross-country pals and nothing would be sweeter than meeting in the middle for an exciting entrepreneurial conference! (Cross your fingers for us!) 

The most interesting part of this process for me has been going from eager participation in a fun contest to falling in love with Alt Summit and the Alt community. Through the Wednesday morning #AltChat conversations on Twitter, I've already made connections with other creatives, local and beyond, that I can't wait to explore further. I'm thankful for a new, virtual community that has so appreciates collaborative relationships.

Stay tuned for (hopefully!!) exciting contest results and view the contest details online if you're interested in joining the fun.