The Art of Improvement

As a new year begins, everyone seems to be seeking improvement. Better health, better finances, better organization, better.... everything! As one who accepts the beginning of each January as a blank slate, I am certainly guilty of jumping on this bandwagon.

With a few days of 2016 already behind us, let's talk about improving creatively. 

I'm finally shooting somewhat regularly after a dry spell and now I just feel like what I create doesn't always meet my expectations. I have wonderful mentors, an endless pool of inspiration, a college education and a bag full of almost all the gear I need. However, something is standing between me and my best. I'm not fishing for compliments or even meaning to express negativity; I'm simply attempting to produce work that I'm really, really proud of. Aren't we all?

With that, fellow creatives, what practical exercises help you improve? Whether its consistency, networking or upgraded gear, I'd love to hear what helps you push past mediocracy.

I look forward to learning from you,