My Latest Endeavor | Tuts +

A few months ago, I was pursued to teach courses for an online tutorials company, Tuts +.

Though I have always been eager to teach photography from my professional perspective, actually following through with it has always been slightly terrifying. I love conversations, but public speaking still leaves me a little shaky in the knees. I love mentoring, but one-on-one is definitely more of my style. 

With all this said, I'm finding that my decision to be a course instructor has been a good one, in spite of the challenge. Talking to cameras is a step closer to talking to a classroom and teaching is a great way to refresh my memory.

We have about a month left in filming, and I'm so excited about the inevitable completion of my first course on The Business of Commercial Photography.

Thanks to Tuts + for giving me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and educate others.

Still from my course for Tuts + via Shaun Pugmire

Still from my course for Tuts + via Shaun Pugmire